From 2005 Paweł Sławski worked in media as a sport photo editor for main newspapers in Poland. Actually Deputy Head of Photo Department in FAKT, best-selling newspaper in Poland.  Responsible for work management of subordinate team - sport photo editors and coordinating activities of photographers in Poland and abroad.
He was responsible for launching new titles to Polish market (such as relaunch of nationwide "Przegląd Sportowy", "Magazyn Sportowy", "Dziennik", "" etc.) and for coordinating the group of photographers who was taking photos in the world biggest sports events, such as Euro 2008,2012, FIFA World Cup 2006, 2010, Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Each day he is looking trough thousands of photos from polish photographers and worldwide agencies such as Reuters, AFP, AP and selecting the best which might be useful for newspaper.
His passion is children photography, especially photos of his two sons-Kajtuś and Stasio. In private time he is a author of blog ("Brachole" in english means "Bros"). This is photo story about his family.

Review about GR

I will not devote my review to technical specification of GR that is easily available on many experts sites and probably read already by many of you for couple of times. First impression when I took GR to my hands was comparable to that when you try on new, very comfortable shoes, just your size and favorite color, already in that store you know that you will wear that shoes forever.

After first week of using GR I got used to it as Sancho Panza and Don Quixote got used to each other:) I have it with me always. The quality that it represents makes that it often replaces my expensive DSLR with heavy lens. GR is quick, sharp and almost invisible on the street. Just black camera outside... but a BEAST inside.