I was born in Paris in 73. I did study art history, photography and literature to become a reporter but I dropped this way to move to  Aix en Provence where I work in software for beauty industry.  

At 10 years old I was already smitten with photography. My father offered me a Polaroid camera and took me with him to some of his trips in the Sahara desert where there was plenty of amazing landscapes and people to shoot.  

Since, I spent my time to travel everywhere, as far as possible from the others tracks, to capture unique instants and scenes as an Amateur Photographer.

Review about GR

I bought my first Ricoh camera in Tokyo when I was 18, I wanted to travel light, so I chose the Ricoh GR (film version) on the recommendation of the old man who owned the cameras shop.

This camera had never left me until the first decent DSLRs cameras started to be available.
When I saw the first articles about the GR, I knew it would be my next camera and I did buy it just few days before I left for my expedition in Iceland.

It fits perfectly in the hand, it is light, compact and produce amazingly sharp detailed photos. I really like the custom settings and I like to be able to switch instantly to my own black and white mode.

The Ricoh GR is the perfect travel camera, it has performed so well in absolutely all kind of weather and light conditions. The battery life is excellent, which is really important when you can’t be next from any powered source for weeks.

I cannot say this for anything else, but I love this camera, it is mine and it can bring back exactly what I saw.