Alessandro Altavilla was born in Turin on Oct. 24th, 1985. He was just an ordinary guy  up to the senior high school, when – aged 17 – he got a Yashica film camera from his passionate father. At first, photography was just a hobby for him, a way to understand how the world looks on the other side of that small lens. Then something happened, and Alessandro began studying as autodidact, with all the passion and the commitment of those who feel being following the right path. He then began working with professional photographers, stealing their skills down to the smallest detail, always without losing sight of his own style and goals. In order to understand what he wanted from photography and what photography wanted from him, his work ranged from images of female bodies to shooting commercials of foods and other products. His own style was growing with him, and so the awareness in using lights and shadows, which according to Alessandro can change how things are viewed. Playing with contrasts between darkness and colors, Alessandro feels like a painter composing his canvas, turning what the human eye sees as ugly into beauty, making perfect what is far from being so. The perfection of form and substance is – in fact – a passion cultivated with patience and love, through constant experimentation and the awareness that you never have to stop studying and learning. Automotive photography is an important part of his experience, because it allows him to play with shapes, enhancing edges and curves of the car body and interiors. Photography is a job, but it is also fun. Thanks to his work, Alessandro travels worldwide, meets objects, motifs, landscapes and people from which he can draw inspiration for his continuous development in search of the perfect shot.

Notes to photographs

A small camera with great performance.

The GR combines a portable wide-angle lens with an APS-C sensor with massive capabilities.

It sports a fantastic definition, and thanks to its 16 Mp you can crop without losing quality, thus providing for the fixed 28mm optics.

By shooting Raw, it generates a DNG file with a wide dynamic range, which makes possible a perfect recovery of the highlights and shadows. I find it is as good as a SLR.

I wanted to test the tiny GR in the most different situations, and it has always behaved very well. Thanks to its high-speed AF and high-ISO capability, I was able to take pictures even in low light, without compromising the quality of the final result.

The greatest satisfaction came when I connected the GR to an external flash, thus expanding the possibilities of its use, as you can see from the photos. By lighting up the scene to your liking, you can appreciate the high pixel density featured by the excellent image sensor of the GR.

The GR is ready for use in less than one second, and thanks to the extensive customization of the external buttons you are always ready to shoot in any situation.

As far as I am concerned, it is a camera you always have to carry with you... you ought not to leave home without it.