Dave Kai Piper is a UK based photographer with high ambitions and drive. Flirting with the Fashion & Lingerie world to create his own brand of portrait photography, Dave Kai Piper has a deep interest in both the artistic and technical areas of photography and the photographic industry.

 "I enjoy speaking and talking about photography as much as I enjoy working on set, from a young age I think I have not been one to follow someone else's view. Never being one to shamed by quizzing and questioning has taught me a great deal about people and about how we all fit together. Taking photos seems so natural to me, it is so fun and such a great way to show the world how my little point of view. The best bit about photography is that is my view, my art and I can deliver it to the world with no language or contextual barriers."

Review about GR

The Ricoh GR is surprising in many ways. Being fair and impartial is key with looking at new cameras, I have used many of the top flight compact camera and the Ricoh GR is up with the very best of them. Small light, sharp, quick to use, fun to use yet serious power. Personal I have always loved the colour of the former Pentax, now Ricoh cameras. The menu systems make sense and are quick to use. The glass elements are just razor sharp and optically near perfect. For such a small light weight, pocket ready camera, battery life is amazing, build quality is amazing too. I guess the best way to talk about this camera is to say, go to your local camera shop and hold it in your hand. That is the only way to understand why I like this camera so much.