Mathieu Lebreton was born in Paris on june 24th, 1985 and is very interested by the technology and miniaturization from the middle school. If he prefers the "technophile" term, the "geek" one suits him very well and that's how he starts to developp a tendency for digital photography, which becomes fast a real passion. He shares it with another one, his love for men fashion, on his blog (, with small daily pictured stories of his trips and project.

Review about GR

I am not loyal to a brand or a range of cameras and I decided to forget SLR there a few years ago, preferring a smaller size that can be transported easily. My quest for the ultimate camera, which will accompanies me every day ended when I discovered the GR, which is a perfect second camera, even to replace my main camera. It's simple, I take it everywhere I go: it is compact and responsive, efficient and effective, tough with qualitative construction.