I was born in Paris in 1956 and spent my childhood and teenage years in the neighborhood of the Butte Montmartre. For as long as I can remember I've always been interested in photography and nature.

For my 10th birthday my father gave me a Kodak Brownie Starlet. That camera was followed by a Kodak Retina and then a Minolta X700 (the first one I bought myself). I took the Minolta to Kenya and everywhere else I went, until the beginning of the 2000s, when my interest for photography waned a little. 

In 2002 I took it up again with a Minolta bridge camera but I found the transition from film to digital difficult and I was missing many functions of my former film SLR.

After many tests and comparisons, in 2008 I finally got myself a Pentax K10. With that DSLR I found my bearings again and, being still a great fan of nature, I gradually got interested in macro photography. 

That K10D was followed by a K20D and then the K-5 (and also the WG-1, which proves quite useful at times). 

Over time, my favorite subjects have become insects such as butterflies and dragonflies as well as flowers.

I take pleasure in discovering and making known to others the beauty, the details and sometimes the cruelty of this microcosm.

Review about GR

As a Pentax K-5 user, I have found in The Ricoh GR the perfect complement for my DSLR. 
It fit in my pocket, remain descreet and provide the user with superb crisp images.
The only drawback for my main use is a consequence of the wide lens focal. 
For insects Macro-photography, the 18mm imply too short subject distance and it is not realy usable.