Christopher Bissell is a London-based photographer with over 25 years’ experience.

Primarily a portrait and fashion photographer, over the years Christopher has captured some well-known faces, including John Cleese, Yasmin Le Bon, Lisa B., Richard E Grant, James Cosmo and Zandra Rhodes.

He has also photographed and judged on three seasons of ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’.

Christopher currently uses the PENTAX 645D and RICOH GR as his cameras of choice.

Review about GR

The first thing I noticed about the RICOH GR when I held it was its size. Before getting my hands on it, I heard it was a full sensor camera, so when they say ‘compact’ they truly mean ‘compact and light’!

The GR has a nice feel to it when you hold it. Its grip is extremely comfortable and the texture of its outer skin is great. I have passed the camera to friends to hold and shoot with and the response has been huge grins and plenty of ‘wow’ comments!

The camera and its functions are truly amazing, and although it has so many multi functions, one can set the camera to auto, frame up and shoot with spot on exposure and colour reproduction, capturing the moment without fuss.

At your leisure you can have fun exploring all the controls of the camera, from exposure control to special effects to HD Video. The GR’s varied functions make it possible to handle all exposures including the most challenging. And for the enthusiast that does not want to engage in the technical side of creating images, you can simply ‘point and shoot’ in full Auto mode, allowing you to capture everything with confidence.

Resolution and image quality is huge for such a small camera. The 16 megapixel sensor with the 28mm prime lens work perfectly together, with the added feature of converting the lens into 35mm focal length (probably my favourite length for ‘street reportage photography’).

There is a full choice on the output of image quality; from smaller jpegs, large jpegs, to my personal choice of Raw, which I shoot on to give me maximum control in post-production.

This is one fun, ‘keep in your pocket at all times’ camera. And because of its size, it is perfectly suited to be in your hand most of the time, where it is always ready for shooting street scenes/people. In my eyes, the Ricoh GR offers it all.