Frédéric Germond is a self-made man with a passion for photography. He begins as a reporter within a regional newspaper. He, then works, for Renault and for the television at France 2.

His artistic sense guides him to become a fashion photographer, and enables him to gain his firsts orders for prêt à porter brands.

Since, he travels around the world and collaborates with French and foreign magazines. His beauty book “Looks” at PC editions brings out several universes as photography, plastic arts, fashion and beauty.

Review about GR

The GR is a camera which delivers images of excellent quality. I am delighted with its technical performances and with its numerous creative possibilities.

Its high sensitivity allow to work in conditions difficult "lights". It is particularly considerable for the outside photos in natural lights especially if the weather is gloomy.

We also appreciate the autofocus which reacts very quickly and the standard choice of the focal (28mn, it lends itself well to the reports, to the landscapes, or to the locations before shots.

Bravo for the choice of the big sensor 16,2 million pixels we fast realize that the dive is there!

It is the discreet camera which we are going to like carrying on is permanently