I began to be interested in photography when I was about sixteen years old and bought my first SLR at eighteen, in 1989.

For more than fifteen years I used this reflex with a unique 50mm lens, before buying my first digital camera in 2005. It was a consumer compact camera. The advantages of the digital technology seduced me, but the quality of image it delivered did not meet my expectations.

In 2007 I bought my first digital reflex. Having compared for a long time the models of the various brands, I finally chose Pentax as its value for money and the sensor stabilization.

I thus opted for K100D, K10D appearing to me too high-end for my level of practice.

I joined on a first photo forum to progress and acquire knowledge.

I eventually became moderator on this forum, in the meantime I bought a Pentax K-7.

When I learnt the creation of the forum "Le Monde Merveilleux de Pentax" (The Marvelous World of Pentax), at the end of 2010, I joined it and gave up my functions on the previous forum to dedicate myself to this new one.

One thing leading to another, I became moderator then administrator of this forum where I spend a lot of time.

I practise about all the forms of photography, with a preference for photomacrography.

I like comparing the performances and the image quality of the various lenses, making tries to verify what I read in books and on the Internet, to tinker improbable assemblies (I began macro with a magnifying glass fixed in front of my 18-55mm zoom) and advise the members who begin.

I am interested in the novelties, Ricoh GR is a part of these and its positioning as device of report interests me a lot.

I look forward to experimenting a compact camera delivering images deserving of a reflex one equipped of a good lens!

Review about GR

Ricoh GR is a compact camera which pleasantly surprised me. It offers very interesting features in report, as the snapshot and the function buttons. Its quality of image, thanks to the aps-c sensor with no low-pass filter, also impressed me a lot. Its fast lens allows me to take shots with a narrow depth of field, offering soft bokeh. I take it from now on everywhere with me as a photo notepad.