My first contact with photography was when I was 18 years old. My parents gave me a compact camera as birthday gift. I became very interested in long time exposure and primarily used a tripod for my photography. Nowadays I barely use a tripod but my fascination for straight lines and well-balanced compositions remain the same.

During my study of communication design I met the lecturer and photographer Ralf Niemzig who taught me about the world of photojournalism.

We students were then given small tasks such as photographing the fish market in Hamburg, or shooting random people on the streets.

My fear of photographing people quickly turned into enthusiasm, wanting to have the story of these people be told.

My thesis was therefore a photo-reportage. I portrayed foreign music students for 5 months and documented their lives in Germany.

So I can say that I probably would not have found my true passion if it wasn't for my lecturer Ralf Niemzig. The passion of telling stories.

My pleasure is then to capture the proper key moments in a story and to frame it in a well-considered composition.

The unpredictable and the overall picture that emerges from a series of images is what attracts me.

Recently I discovered Street Photography. In Street Photography the unpredictable plays an even greater role. I'm still far away from getting decent results, but I study hard and do not go out without a camera anymore.

Review about GR

My experience with the Ricoh GR so far was very positive.

What I especially like is the ability that you can customize nearly every control element according to your liking. This goes so far that you can even turn off the green light from the power button. I mostly use the "My Settings" with the TAV mode. The TAV mode is like the manual mode with the difference that you have Auto ISO. This is an awesome feature that allows me full control over aperture and shutter speed, while the exposure is automatically measured via Auto ISO. If something happens really quickly I can fully rely on the Auto ISO. The noise performance of the Ricoh GR pleases me so much that I have no problem at all to take photographs at ISO 12800 for example. The noise does feel more like Film-grain to me. I have the display often turned off and use the optical viewfinder (GV-1) instead.

I also like the black and white tones of the GR. Unlike other cameras I have used, the Ricoh GR has its own black and white character. With the GR I shoot exclusively in RAW and in black and white. If I ever need a color version of a picture, I can easily develop the RAW file directly from the camera.

Since I have the Ricoh GR, I definitely do not go out without it. I am really positive about the GR, so I can also imagine using it for professional purposes like editorial or documentary work. The optical quality and dynamic range can easily compete with the big DSLRs today on the market.

If I have to say something negative about this camera, than it is the fact that the more I use it, the more it makes my other cameras less fun to shoot with…

I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute to the Ricoh GR Community and thank Ricoh for all the trust in me.