Freelance photographer and member of the Danish Press photographers society. Born in Copenhagen in 1955. Since the late 1970´ies Rudy has been one of Denmark’s most active and successful exhibition photographers. He has had pictures accepted and many of them awarded prizes at censored exhibitions in more than 40 countries worldwide. He works a lot with nature and travel photography and his clients are magazines and newspapers. He also supply images for annual reports.

Review about GR

I have had the pleasure to work with the Ricoh GR a few months. Since first time I got the camera in my hands it has been a good acquaintance.

The image quality is extremely good. I am very impressed with the lens that is on par with my professional DSLR lenses. The recordings are crisp from corner to corner and the colors and contrast are perfect.

Ricoh GR is well in hand, and to my taste it is neither too small or too large. The menus are easy to work with. I have not found some shortcomings. I can warmly recommend Ricoh GR for those looking for a handy highquality wideangle camera.