Born 1966 in Essen, Germany. Studies 1985/86 at the International Centre of Photography, New York; 1987/89 Studies at Lette-Verein, Berlin. Realizes Jobs and free projects: 2007 „Berlin Art No.1“ on the Artscene Berlin. Works on a portrait of the city of Berlin since 2006 and publishes so far six books. Takes care of the estate of  German-Jewish photographer Martha Maas (1893-1971): 2009 book-publication and exhibition. Member of DGPh e.V. und head of the department mediaphotography of the School of entertainment and technology. Lives in Berlin.

Review about GR

The new Ricoh GR

A new GR, slightly bigger than the ones from the GR Digital series, which I loved, but with a much bigger sensor and 16 millions pixel. Just another number. New effects, more to work with in the menu, RAW-development in the camera.

Well, sounds good - what is the new GR up to?

For a weekend in July I chose a very special place: a former silkworm-plantation in Umbria, one and a half hours north of Rome. Friday noon had some very heavy thunderstorms and everything on the premise was covered with raindrops like a spiderweb. The smell after the rain! I had to go for a walk and simply took my GR with me. But then the GR took me: new situations, new impressions - this camera just could not get enough. I was just able to adjust the ISO-sensitivity to 400 in the manualk modus, because I did not want to deal with blurry images and I even did not use a noise reduction, so I could see what the sensor is up to.

And then the photographs tell it all: still no noise reduction, no sharpening - just optimizing the tonalities in lightroom before the RAW-files have been converted into Jpeg-images.
The lens: world class - I have always photographed with open aperture, also to see here, what it could deliver. Depth of field - yes! And so much - I love it! The colors, the sharpness, the clarity - evreything is perfect. But much more important than that: the Ricoh GR is there. Discreet, quiet, but attentive. And the GR is a teamplayer, which leads to the question, wo rules who? The camera me or do I rule the GR?

It does not matter - sometimes it is nice to let yourself fall as a photographer - the new Ricoh GR will catch me.

Berlin, July 29th, 2013