Born in May 1983, I spent most of my my childhood watching Japanese cartoons.
My fate was clear, I fancied myself piloting a robot, or perhaps drawing comics.
I enrolled at the Art Institute and there discovered the magic of photography and the darkroom.
Imagining worlds and characters, telling stories, I always thought how interesting "seeing things that others do not see" can be.
After high school, while I was doing odd jobs on daytime - including a photographer's assistant in the beauty / hair styling - I continued studying at the Castello Sforzesco's cartoon school in Milan at evenings.
I left my assistant work early, and started to do street photography and personal projects only. Walking for hours and days, observing life, smelling its smells and listening to the sounds of the street.
Thus began the hard life of a freelance, sharing my time among photographic projects, illustration and comics.
Drawing and taking photos was a continuous exchange and comparison.

Review about GR

The first impact is the lightness, the small size and the quick startup, all that being not at the expense of a solid build.
Always in my pocket, the Snap shoot function is my favorite.
I love the total customization of the controls, in order to suit your style.
I often work with small apertures, but also at F2.8 full aperture I appreciate its excellent image quality, thanks to the outstanding level of the lens and the sensor as well.
The 28mm allows you, or perhaps forces you, to stay closer to your subjects. I think over 35mm is not street photography, it's gun shooting.
While shooting at the Fashion Week, I did not even think of having a photographer in front of me. As Moriyama the master once said, a compact camera does not threatens the subject, it's harmless and goes unnoticed.
And if the master says that...