Stéphane Lavoué was born in Mulhouse, France in 1976. He has a ingeneering degree in timber industries and lived for 2 years in brasilien Amazonia. When he came back in 2001, he decided to quite timber industry to settle in Paris and start working as a photographer. He is know collaborating with main french media (Libération, Le Monde, L’Express, Elle…) and foreign press (New York Times, Newsweek, Status, Premium Brasil…). He is now willing to move to California.

Review about GR

Using the GR for a month now, it took me back to street photography. It is the perfect tool. I really enjoyed walking in the city with this small and efficient camera. Nobody would noticed I was taking a picture. That's amazing. I naturally choose to use the black and white effect. What was important for me is the speed of shoot. It is almost immediate. You can freeze the moment you really saw. For now on, I always have it in my pocket, like a pad. A very well build pad, that delivers professional quality files...