Amateur Photographer (meaning "hobbyist"), I discover photography with a plastic fixed-focus compact and later, around 1983, with my first SLR, a Mamiya ZM, and his primes, who accompanied me a long time until using a first autofocus camera ten years ago, a Minolta Dynax 300si.

Then my first steps in digital photography with Kodak and Canon compact and finally in early 2007, purchasing a PENTAX K10D, chosen for the sum of its qualities and features (performant autofocus, weathersealing, stabilization, pentaprism, construction quality...). The K10D has had a strong impact and has attracted many new users to the Pentax brand. It was at this time that appeared 2 major French PENTAX forums. Joining "PentaxOne" forum at the first time , I became administrator of it in late 2007 and I'm still there in a team of a dozen admins and moderators, all passionates of PENTAX and photography.

Hobbyist photographer, my favorite areas are pictures of landscapes, animals (wild or zoo), family photos, sports, reportage ...
Without being a collector, I have acquired in recent years a wide range of Pentax lenses, including the famous FA Limiteds, some film cameras like Spotmatic, ME Super, Z-1p (my favorite) and MZ-S ...

Currently, I mainly use a Pentax K-5 and sometimes an Optio W60 or my K20D.

I like very much to have photo material that I can use in really tough conditions where I know that I would be stuck with other brand's devices.