GR history and concept

It can be said that the GR’s history is a rebellious one. The zoom lens doesn’t wander, but continues with a wide-angle, fixed focal length. The GR has not changed in two years, but rather the camera has matured through expanded functions via firmware upgrades. The design tells you it’s a GR at a single glance. Part of that is that the GR is the antithesis of trends and fads. It’s backbone is the feedback of those who never stop loving photos. In that way, the history of the GR is the history of interaction between camera usage and user’s who center on photos, and the goal of creating a universal value that always ascertains the essence of the camera, retaining the passionate path of its creation.

The story of  “GR” started  in 1996 with GR1 which was one of the pioneers of high-end compact cameras in the world. The value of GR models is to continue to adhere closely to the original concept : High image quality, High portability and Responsiveness.