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  1. Lambert Brice

    May 24, 2014

    Ne jamais sortir sans le GR ... je suis d'accord avec Marcel Sfez ! Je l'ai toujours sur moi, il est le prolongement de ma pensée... Rapide et très efficace, Précis avec des fichiers extra pour la post production, je fais 90% de mes photos avec ce boitier, la netteté est impressionnante et le bokeh est doux et agréable, les possibilités de réglages sont énormes. J'espère un jour que Ricoh sorte le même boitier avec un équivalent 50mm, ce jour là, je laisserais mon reflex au placard ! et je n'aurais plus que deux boîtiers extra ;-) Regardez sur ma page ce qu'il a dans le ventre ...

  2. Mario Brecher

    Feb 28, 2014

    Long time i searched a camera that it small enough to carry with me where ever i go. i tryed out a couple of compact cameras. but coming from dslr and slr shooting, i was not really happy with them. something was always missing. now the GR is my diary. i love the in camera editing and to get the shots out of the camera without having to post-process them. last time i love to shoot the camera on iso 3200-25600. it was such i nice look. not so "digital" clear. more like a grain. it really performs well till 12800 without color noise. if you like to see some snapshots (nearly all are straight out of cam) have a look on my Ricoh GR album.

  3. Didier Ruef

    Feb 1, 2014

    I always have the Ricoh GR camera with me and I carry it in my jacket’s pocket. The camera is small, light and does not take much space. I know that if I see something interesting, I will be immediately ready to snap pictures. The camera has a fixed 28 mm lens and I choose the right distance by moving my body and getting closer to my subjet. I can easily access the different programs and in a matter of seconds I shoot the pictures I am interested in. The Ricoh GR is well designed and I am very happy with the high resolution files that I get from such a tiny photographic tool. I can be close and intimate with people while shooting pictures. The Ricoh GR helps me to be discreet. It is a fantastic non intrusive camera and lets you discover places and meet people you cannot even imagine.

  4. Michael Behrens

    Dec 29, 2013

    The Ricoh GR does a very good job! The combination of a very sharp prime lens with an APS-C sized sensor results in an extremely good image quality for a compact camera. The automatic white balance and exposure metering are in my Canon cameras noticeably better, but that can resolve the next firmware update.

  5. Christian Michael

    Dec 22, 2013

    Yes, in terms of image quality the new GR is a step up from it's predecessor, the GR-D IV. But it has been noticed by all reviewers, the autofocus is quite disappointing in lower light settings, in this regards the GR-D IV is faster and more reliable. I hope this can be improved to some extent with a firmware update. Another request for the next firmware update: option for Auto-Switch-Off the screen after 10 seconds to save battery, camera to remain in "stand-by" mode, ready to shoot. This already was an option in the GR-D IV, which I always used.

  6. Remco Monteiro

    Dec 13, 2013

    Wonderful little camera with great image and build quality. Unobstrusive and harmless but a killer for other cameras.

  7. Barresi Stefano

    Nov 12, 2013

    The first impact is the lightness, the small size and the quick startup, all that being not at the expense of a solid build. Always in my pocket, the Snap shoot function is my favorite. I love the total customization of the controls, in order to suit your style. I often work with small apertures, but also at F2.8 full aperture I appreciate its excellent image quality, thanks to the outstanding level of the lens and the sensor as well. The 28mm allows you, or perhaps forces you, to stay closer to your subjects. I think over 35mm is not street photography, it's gun shooting. While shooting at the Fashion Week, I did not even think of having a photographer in front of me. As Moriyama the master once said, a compact camera does not threatens the subject, it's harmless and goes unnoticed. And if the master says that...

  8. Dave Kai Piper

    Oct 29, 2013

    The Ricoh GR is surprising in many ways. Being fair and impartial is key with looking at new cameras, I have used many of the top flight compact camera and the Ricoh GR is up with the very best of them. Small light, sharp, quick to use, fun to use yet serious power. Personal I have always loved the colour of the former Pentax, now Ricoh cameras. The menu systems make sense and are quick to use. The glass elements are just razor sharp and optically near perfect. For such a small light weight, pocket ready camera, battery life is amazing, build quality is amazing too. I guess the best way to talk about this camera is to say, go to your local camera shop and hold it in your hand. That is the only way to understand why I like this camera so much.

  9. Paul Marsden

    Oct 29, 2013

    Growing up on a diet of DSLRs with their rugged bodies, creative control, powerful lenses and über megapixel counts, I’ll admit to not having been interested in owning a digital compact. So I was keen try out the Ricoh GR; with its fixed frame lens and generous mega-pixel count boasting a spec close to some prosumer DSLRs. I’m converted. First I love the fully manual option. It gives me all the freedom I need to control a scene combined with the fact that the GR also supports RaW, means I have full control over capture and image development. These are all things that compacts typically lack which has steered me away in the past. The rear LCD is crisp beyond belief, rendering detail from the lens exquisitely. Having a viewfinder for horseshoe is a nice touch. This suffers from some edge softness but overall this add-on makes framing landscapes easy for those used to composing instinctively with TTL cameras. Handling in the field is a dream. The Ricoh GR is slim enough to go in the pocket. It’s lightweight but with a sense of robustness. Being more used to heavy duty DLSRs this gives a welcome sense of confidence and a nice 'feel' in the hands despite its slim line body. Its locking mode is a great ergonomic feature, making it easier to handle the camera with confidence and ensuring less accidental mode changes. The aperture and shutter speed flick-switches are quick and easy to use, rather than being hidden in cumbersome menu options. This is great as it makes the camera responsive in rapidly changing conditions. Back in the digital darkroom, I was really impressed with the RAWs this camera churns out. Low noise, good colour space and an impressive level of detail. Perhaps, most refreshing is the fixed focal lens. An odd choice for a compact audience perhaps, but that added camera craft of framing with your feet only adds to the GR’s appeal for me. Like I said, I’m converted. The RICOH GR is now a permanent fixture in the kitbag and has become my default camera when choosing scenes and undertaking field research.

  10. René Müller

    Sep 9, 2013

    I am a DSLR shooter by nature, because I like to have good IQ and manual control over my camera. But since any camera with an interchangeable lens is always too big to put it into your pocket, I was often leaving the DSLR at home - which lead to me missing a lot of nice shots. That's why I bought the Ricoh GR, and I have to say I am really loving it. It has brilliant IQ and most of all, it is not trying to sell itself with flashy menues and blinky images - the controls are simple and direkt. A camera for photographers. All that in a pocketable package. I take it with me wherever I go.

  11. Alex Coghe

    Aug 27, 2013

    I tested the camera during my Italian trip. The first thing that I can say is that all the fears about eve for this camera are disappeared when I realized the camera, in spite of new APS-C sensor, did not upset the design and compactness that now is only slightly longer than the GRD IV: a compromise really tolerable if we think that we earn a 16.2 million pixel sensor in a APS-C format. However the camera has been redesigned in some things, and in my opinion improved: from Pentax now owned by Ricoh, there's a TAv (Aperture and Time priority) option where you can set the shutter speed and aperture while the camera selects the sensitivity. Ricoh is always an intuitive camera thought for photographers. Despite I come from my experience with GRD IV there was a physiological first phase of learning of the camera, then I went back to my photography as always. Would I buy this camera? Of course, yes! Ricoh GR is a real upgrade of Ricoh GRD IV and the best option for the street photographer compared to its direct competitors. For the Ricoh owners is a confirmation: a camera for photographers, not thinking to the marketing special effects. Ricoh takes advantage of some chromosomes from Pentax generating a real compact camera with a big sensor.

  12. Alessandro Altavilla

    Aug 23, 2013

    The GR combines a portable wide-angle lens with an APS-C sensor with massive capabilities. It sports a fantastic definition, and thanks to its 16 Mp you can crop without losing quality, thus providing for the fixed 28mm optics. By shooting Raw, it generates a DNG file with a wide dynamic range, which makes possible a perfect recovery of the highlights and shadows. I find it is as good as a SLR. I wanted to test the tiny GR in the most different situations, and it has always behaved very well. Thanks to its high-speed AF and high-ISO capability, I was able to take pictures even in low light, without compromising the quality of the final result. The greatest satisfaction came when I connected the GR to an external flash, thus expanding the possibilities of its use, as you can see from the photos. By lighting up the scene to your liking, you can appreciate the high pixel density featured by the excellent image sensor of the GR. The GR is ready for use in less than one second, and thanks to the extensive customization of the external buttons you are always ready to shoot in any situation. As far as I am concerned, it is a camera you always have to carry with you... you ought not to leave home without it.

  13. John Riley

    Aug 17, 2013

    I've just done a comparison field test for ePHOTOzine between the GR and the Nikon Coolpix A and I thought you'd be interested to know that the GR was a clear winner.

  14. Cristian Sorega

    Sep 8, 2013

    When Ricoh designed the first GR1 film camera, they set out to make a camera that "brings a smile to one's face, just by holding it". Not only have they accomplished this but they have been constantly improving and evolving the subsequent GR film and GRD digital cameras. With the new Ricoh GR you get a camera that will not only bring a smile to your face but will also inspire you to go out and take pictures. It accomplishes all this while staying out of your way thanks to the improved and highly customisable controls. The controls are all where you expect them to be and if not; chances are you can customise them to suit you. For everything Ricoh improved, they have also inexplicably taken away the Auto-ISO option in Manual mode and the ability to confirm menu options by half pressing the shutter button. This wouldn’t of course matter too much if the camera didn’t take good pictures or was too slow to capture the decisive moment, but here the GR also excels. Thanks to the GR 28mm f2.8 lens and the 16MP APS sensor without anti-alias filter, you get very sharp and really detailed photos with a dynamic range and a nice tonality. The camera is also fast enough at powering on, focusing and writing to the card that you will never miss a moment. Where it really struggles is focusing at low light, and here you will miss the moment, unless you use the Snap Focus mode or have a very stationary subject. The display refresh could also be better given how snappy the camera performs otherwise. A huge bonus of the GR compared to similar cameras is the available 21mm adapter; this adds a bit of bulk to the camera but gives you the ability to shoot at 21mm and f2.8 without any perceivable loss of image quality. The adapter works very well and extends the abilities of the GR quite a lot. Unfortunately Ricoh has taken away the ability for the camera to automatically detect the adapter so you have to remember to set it manually in the menu if you want the EXIF information to be updated. Overall the GR is the most refined Ricoh camera to date and the best GR camera you can get, thanks to the fantastic handling, great image quality and speedy operation. There are some small problems but most can easily be fixed with a firmware update and given Ricoh's track record of updating the firmware of the GRD cameras, this will most likely happen sooner rather than later.

  15. Chris Bissell

    Sep 8, 2013

    The first thing I noticed about the RICOH GR when I held it was its size. Before getting my hands on it, I heard it was a full sensor camera, so when they say ‘compact’ they truly mean ‘compact and light’! The GR has a nice feel to it when you hold it. Its grip is extremely comfortable and the texture of its outer skin is great. I have passed the camera to friends to hold and shoot with and the response has been huge grins and plenty of ‘wow’ comments! The camera and its functions are truly amazing, and although it has so many multi functions, one can set the camera to auto, frame up and shoot with spot on exposure and colour reproduction, capturing the moment without fuss. At your leisure you can have fun exploring all the controls of the camera, from exposure control to special effects to HD Video. The GR’s varied functions make it possible to handle all exposures including the most challenging. And for the enthusiast that does not want to engage in the technical side of creating images, you can simply ‘point and shoot’ in full Auto mode, allowing you to capture everything with confidence. Resolution and image quality is huge for such a small camera. The 16 megapixel sensor with the 28mm prime lens work perfectly together, with the added feature of converting the lens into 35mm focal length (probably my favourite length for ‘street reportage photography’). There is a full choice on the output of image quality; from smaller jpegs, large jpegs, to my personal choice of Raw, which I shoot on to give me maximum control in post-production. This is one fun, ‘keep in your pocket at all times’ camera. And because of its size, it is perfectly suited to be in your hand most of the time, where it is always ready for shooting street scenes/people. In my eyes, the Ricoh GR offers it all.

  16. Pawel Slawski

    Sep 8, 2013

    I will not devote my review to technical specification of GR that is easily available on many experts sites and probably read already by many of you for couple of times. First impression when I took GR to my hands was comparable to that when you try on new, very comfortable shoes, just your size and favorite color, already in that store you know that you will wear that shoes forever. After first week of using GR I got used to it as Sancho Panza and Don Quixote got used to each other:) I have it with me always. The quality that it represents makes that it often replaces my expensive DSLR with heavy lens. GR is quick, sharp and almost invisible on the street. Just black camera outside... but a BEAST inside.

  17. John Riley

    Jun 8, 2013

    First impressions are very positive as we open the package, finding even a real, paper instruction manual. This in itself is increasingly rare, but very useful. The GR camera is refreshingly understated, but clearly extremely well made, solid but not overly heavy or bulky. The only omission is a proper charger. Charging in camera does not lie well with my usual workflow. Normally I would have several batteries, rotated in use, and this works much better when they can be charged out of camera. I think at this price level a charger should be included, indeed much lower priced cameras from stable-mate Pentax all have chargers supplied. The controls on a compact camera can be a problem. They can be small, fiddly, perhaps easily changed by accident. Not so with the GR. The mode dial has a firm locking button, so no finding we are in Tv mode when we thought we were in Av mode. Excellent. The dials are light but not too light, so with a bit of practice operation becomes instinctive and efficient. The wide adapter lens is a bit more cumbersome than I would have liked. A tube has to be attached to the camera, the adapter screwed into that and the lens hood provided seems rather flimsy. The worst part is that the menu needs delving into to set up the use of the wide angle lens. Swapping to and fro as needed becomes too time consuming and isn't really practical. The GR on its own works superbly well, the added accessories seem a bit of an afterthought. We will also search in vain for any form of shake reduction. How spoiled we are that suddenly we have to worry again about camera shake. However, it is a 28mm-equivalent lens, so maybe SR is not so essential. There is also no zoom, unusual for most compact cameras, so the question is does that limit us in the images we shoot? In the event though, the real bonus here is the full APS-C sized sensor and the promise of DSLR quality. If that can be fulfilled, then most if not all of the questions will fade away. It has been a Holy Grail of compact cameras for decades. The idea of a pocketable high quality camera has always been an attractive one. Almost everything has failed to cut the mustard. So at last, here is the GR. Images indistinguishable from my Pentax K-5. No doubt, no buts or maybes. The GR sensor also has no anti-aliasing filter, so the images have that characteristic crispness right from the start. Handling is superb. The camera is pocketable. The results are right up to the best DSLR quality. I can even forgive the rather oddly designed wide angle lens by this point. The 28mm lens has not proved a limitation for street, documentary and architectural shots, so it suits my photography, and it suits the purposes to which I want to put a pocketable camera. In fact, the camera is so unobtrusive onlookers don't even register that we are shooting pictures. With the wide angle lens we can even stretch things a little further when shooting interiors. In conclusion, the GR works, it works well and it delivers the quality it promises. It has earned a permanent place in my jacket pocket.

  18. Andrew Czyzewski

    Jun 8, 2013

    As an avid user of Ricoh’s renowned GRD compact camera range I had mixed feelings when I heard the company had released a large sensor version of the camera, the Ricoh GR. The recent trend for putting large sensors into compacts is something of red herring in my opinion. A small sensor offers greater depth of field, virtually guaranteeing that the image will be in sharp focus right from the foreground to the background — exactly what I need for travel and urban photography. That said, a larger sensor in theory promises better overall image quality with more detail, wider dynamic range and improved low light performance. So when I was given the opportunity to test the new Ricoh GR I was very keen to find out just how good image quality was and if anything else was compromised as a result of the changes. For a start the camera body is only a fraction larger than the GRD, so it remains a take-anywhere, pocketable compact camera. And the legendary handling remains – snap focus, customisable pre-sets and ISO jog dial to name a few features. But there’s just so much more on offer now. Low light (high ISO) performance has improved to such an extent that it opens up a whole new way of doing photography. As well as the familiar aperture priority and shutter priority modes there’s new mode on the top dial called TAv – which is shutter and aperture priority. Using this mode with the GR you can easily adjust aperture with the wheel (using your middle finger) and shutterspeed with the jog dial (using your thumb) – while the camera takes care of exposure by automatically selecting the right ISO when you focus (using your index finger). You needn’t worry about the ISO getting too high, because frankly results will be great whatever. This offers total control at your fingertips and is especially useful for the custom pre-sets – I have a ‘night mode’ which uses TAv with an aperture of f5.6 and shutter speed of 1/60 (with ISO taken care of). Overall, image quality is very impressive. It reminded me of going from ‘old school’ TV to HD-TV. I was perfectly happy with normal TV but then you see HD and it just has that instant ‘wow’ factor. The detail and sharpness in the GR make for very immersive images. The larger sensor of the Ricoh GR also opens up the possibility for more depth of field play – you can achieve that nice out of focus effect for portraits and wildlife work, provided you get close enough to your subject. But as predicted it’s a double-edged sword. There were a few photos where I hadn’t used a high enough aperture setting and so sharp focus wasn’t maintained through the frame. That wouldn’t have happened with a small sensor compact. The only other gripe is lack of image stabilisation which, to a tripod-phobe like me is quite important. It’s like making a near perfect camera and then slipping at the very final hurdle. In summary though, it’s a truly superb camera that once again has changed the way I approach photography (as the GRD did before it).

  19. Frédéric Brosset

    Feb 8, 2013

    I bought my first Ricoh camera in Tokyo when I was 18, I wanted to travel light, so I chose the Ricoh GR (film version) on the recommendation of the old man who owned the cameras shop. This camera had never left me until the first decent DSLRs cameras started to be available. When I saw the first articles about the GR, I knew it would be my next camera and I did buy it just few days before I left for my expedition in Iceland. It fits perfectly in the hand, it is light, compact and produce amazingly sharp detailed photos. I really like the custom settings and I like to be able to switch instantly to my own black and white mode. The Ricoh GR is the perfect travel camera, it has performed so well in absolutely all kind of weather and light conditions. The battery life is excellent, which is really important when you can’t be next from any powered source for weeks. I cannot say this for anything else, but I love this camera, it is mine and it can bring back exactly what I saw. Comment ...

  20. Rudy Hemmingsen

    Jan 8, 2013

    I have had the pleasure to work with the Ricoh GR a few months. Since first time I got the camera in my hands it has been a good acquaintance. The image quality is extremely good. I am very impressed with the lens that is on par with my professional DSLR lenses. The recordings are crisp from corner to corner and the colors and contrast are perfect. Ricoh GR is well in hand, and to my taste it is neither too small or too large. The menus are easy to work with. I have not found some shortcomings. I can warmly recommend Ricoh GR for those looking for a handy highquality wideangle camera.

  21. Mikko Lagerstedt

    Jan 8, 2013

    I'm really pleased with the camera optical and low light performance. I will be taking photos in the street also, because it is so handy and small, it is barely visible to the common people. The back screen is really great and works perfectly in daylight also. Easy to use system helps me to concentrate on the photographing part. This little camera has all the things I need in a camera. Easy controls and top image quality. Perfect for me.

  22. Anne Pauli

    Jan 8, 2013

    As a Pentax K-5 user, I have found in The Ricoh GR the perfect complement for my DSLR. It fit in my pocket, remain descreet and provide the user with superb crisp images. The only drawback for my main use is a consequence of the wide lens focal. For insects Macro-photography, the 18mm imply too short subject distance and it is not realy usable.

  23. Frédéric Germond

    Jan 8, 2013

    The GR is a camera which delivers images of excellent quality. I am delighted with its technical performances and with its numerous creative possibilities. Its high sensitivity allow to work in conditions difficult "lights". It is particularly considerable for the outside photos in natural lights especially if the weather is gloomy. We also appreciate the autofocus which reacts very quickly and the standard choice of the focal (28mn, it lends itself well to the reports, to the landscapes, or to the locations before shots. Bravo for the choice of the big sensor 16,2 million pixels we fast realize that the dive is there! It is the discreet camera which we are going to like carrying on is permanently

  24. Hervé Laville

    Jan 8, 2013

    Ricoh GR is a compact camera which pleasantly surprised me. It offers very interesting features in report, as the snapshot and the function buttons. Its quality of image, thanks to the aps-c sensor with no low-pass filter, also impressed me a lot. Its fast lens allows me to take shots with a narrow depth of field, offering soft bokeh. I take it from now on everywhere with me as a photo notepad.

  25. Stéphane Lavoué

    Jan 8, 2013

    Using the GR for a month now, it took me back to street photography. It is the perfect tool. I really enjoyed walking in the city with this small and efficient camera. Nobody would noticed I was taking a picture. That's amazing. I naturally choose to use the black and white effect. What was important for me is the speed of shoot. It is almost immediate. You can freeze the moment you really saw. For now on, I always have it in my pocket, like a pad. A very well build pad, that delivers professional quality files...

  26. Nicolas Claris

    Jan 8, 2013

    When I received the Ricoh GR, the first impression was compactness, solidity and ease. Then I started to play with the different menus and discovered that I had in hands a real pro little camera with all settings I could need… For my professional photographic work, I use a Pentax 645D, so I'm used to work with the highest quality files, but I have to admit that the files from the GR are amazing by their quality. Colors, sharpness everything is easily handled in post-production with the in Camera DNGs. Of course I’ll continue using the 645D, but from now on, I never leave home or office without the GR. I had many compact cameras before but never did that. As I’m assured that in case of a good photograph opportunity, I have the GR in my pocket… discrete and always ready.

  27. Lintaro Hopf

    Jan 8, 2013

    My experience with the Ricoh GR so far was very positive. What I especially like is the ability that you can customize nearly every control element according to your liking. This goes so far that you can even turn off the green light from the power button. I mostly use the "My Settings" with the TAV mode. The TAV mode is like the manual mode with the difference that you have Auto ISO. This is an awesome feature that allows me full control over aperture and shutter speed, while the exposure is automatically measured via Auto ISO. If something happens really quickly I can fully rely on the Auto ISO. The noise performance of the Ricoh GR pleases me so much that I have no problem at all to take photographs at ISO 12800 for example. The noise does feel more like Film-grain to me. I have the display often turned off and use the optical viewfinder (GV-1) instead. I also like the black and white tones of the GR. Unlike other cameras I have used, the Ricoh GR has its own black and white character. With the GR I shoot exclusively in RAW and in black and white. If I ever need a color version of a picture, I can easily develop the RAW file directly from the camera. Since I have the Ricoh GR, I definitely do not go out without it. I am really positive about the GR, so I can also imagine using it for professional purposes like editorial or documentary work. The optical quality and dynamic range can easily compete with the big DSLRs today on the market. If I have to say something negative about this camera, than it is the fact that the more I use it, the more it makes my other cameras less fun to shoot with… I feel very fortunate to be able to contribute to the Ricoh GR Community and thank Ricoh for all the trust in me.

  28. Stefan Maria Rother

    Jan 8, 2013

    A new GR, slightly bigger than the ones from the GR Digital series, which I loved, but with a much bigger sensor and 16 millions pixel. Just another number. New effects, more to work with in the menu, RAW-development in the camera. Well, sounds good - what is the new GR up to? For a weekend in July I chose a very special place: a former silkworm-plantation in Umbria, one and a half hours north of Rome. Friday noon had some very heavy thunderstorms and everything on the premise was covered with raindrops like a spiderweb. The smell after the rain! I had to go for a walk and simply took my GR with me. But then the GR took me: new situations, new impressions - this camera just could not get enough. I was just able to adjust the ISO-sensitivity to 400 in the manualk modus, because I did not want to deal with blurry images and I even did not use a noise reduction, so I could see what the sensor is up to. And then the photographs tell it all: still no noise reduction, no sharpening - just optimizing the tonalities in lightroom before the RAW-files have been converted into Jpeg-images. The lens: world class - I have always photographed with open aperture, also to see here, what it could deliver. Depth of field - yes! And so much - I love it! The colors, the sharpness, the clarity - evreything is perfect. But much more important than that: the Ricoh GR is there. Discreet, quiet, but attentive. And the GR is a teamplayer, which leads to the question, wo rules who? The camera me or do I rule the GR? It does not matter - sometimes it is nice to let yourself fall as a photographer - the new Ricoh GR will catch me.

  29. Wouter Brandsma

    Jan 8, 2013

    I feel the wind through my hair. The light makes this industrial location in Germany look magical. I feel this pleasant calmness and I open up for this brutal beauty, the past, the decay, the present. Instinctively I opt for black & white that makes the structures and textures come alive to me. The Ricoh GR is like a good friend. Trust, loyal, simple and pure. With a fixed 28mm lens some would call it limiting, I adore these limitations though. When I am out, like on this day, I don't want to notice a camera. The sharpness of the images provided by the GR is phenomenal. And the tonality is simply amazing. I love the sketchy look I get from the Ricoh GR Digital 3, but the GR gives me new possibilities. It makes sense to me using the GR. I don't have to think, I can operate the camera single-handedly. The metering and focus is always spot on. I like human presences in my photographs, both in rural areas and on the street. Unforced, not necessarily close, but still personal. My feelings, my stroll photography. On the street in the Netherlands, wandering around, the GR is always ready in my hand. I can quickly switch from spot AF to snap mode whenever I need to. The GR makes me fast. In good light I found the sweet spot at ISO400. A movement by a person, a light reflection, an interesting shadow, a certain form. When it moves me, I get curious how it looks like photographed. This is the territory where I feel comfortable with the Ricoh GR. Wherever the light and shadows go I am there.

  30. Albert Jodar

    Jan 8, 2013

    Size does not matter and when working with a small compact camera with an interesting technology as it incorporates Ricoh GR (features like a digital SLR), it becomes a perfect companion for documentary projects, travel and everyday use.

  31. Jordi Cohen

    Jan 8, 2013

    As a professional photographer I had not thought to use a compact type camera for the type of photography I do. The use of GR I was struck by the delicate balance between image quality and shutter speed to the street photographer's demand. I think it's a good addition, as everyday camera to my DSLR equipment. It is a camera that you can carry in your pocket and always have it accessible, which is great for times when you do not want to carry weight and can pass something that you can not escape and that the GR have more than enough to ensure the photo .

  32. Mikael Gustafsson

    Jan 8, 2013

    I have been testing Ricoh GR, mostly in photo expeditions to nature reserves and national parks in northern Sweden. It´s light weight and compact size made it possible to carry it in my leg pocket all the time. I chose to shoot RAW (DNG) all the time. My first impression was that it had a remarkable good close macro focus range at 10 cm. I shoot a lot of flowers and it was really nice to take close-ups without special macro-lenses or bellows. It took a while to get used to moving the focus point so I don´t need to focus in the centre and recompose, but after I while it worked fine. I shot in AV-mode and used the exposure-compensation. This was easy and fast. One thing I noticed was that when you shoot RAW only you can´t zoom in more than 3,4x and this make it impossible to check the focus in playback mode. The solution is to always shoot RAW+JPG and delete all the JPG:s in the computer afterwards. In JPG:s you can zoom in 16x to check if you got the focus right. The wide angle lens makes it necessary to think when to use the camera, how to build the photo and so on. Sometimes you wish you ha a zoom instead. However, the quality of the lens is excellent, even at f 2.8, this had been difficult with a zoom. It´s great to have a APS-C-sensor and a lens with a big aperture. I have shot hand held all the time and in Lapland I shot at ISO 800, f 3.5 and 1/30 at midnight without having blur or noise. The big aperture also made it possible to have a shallow depth-of-field when shooting close ups macros at flowers. I still haven´t learned all there is to know and I am going to try it at astrophotography in the late summer.

  33. Frederic

    Jul 31, 2013

    The GR in Iceland:

  34. Bernie Ekelstone

    Jul 30, 2013

    Amazing ...

  35. Silvia Mackenstedt

    Jul 30, 2013

    I love it ...

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